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Get to know the swensons

So, who are The Swensons?

We’re a normal, native Californian family that decided to pursue a pipe-dream after being married almost 10 years. Five crazy people make up our family and we love being together. All the time. We have jobs, homeschool our hooligans, and enjoy real and fun adventures!

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And how’d this crazy party get started?

Back in 2017, after a horrible year of saying good-bye to William’s Mama when she lost her cancer battle and to his job at a start-up company that was re-locating out of town, we decided to drop everything to take our three kids on a year long trip around the world. While exploring 20 countries, we fell in love with full-time travel. Once we got home, William applied to location independent positions and finally landed an accounting position with a remote company. We temporarily re-located to Phoenix, Arizona while he on-boards for the year and we travel domestically!


Finance accountant by day. Guinness-drinking, kilt wearer by night. And general go-with-the-flow of Jess’s crazied adventurous plans after he tests and gathers data that these ideas will, in fact, be a success and smart idea for the family. He also loves the great outdoors, is a country boy at heart, and has been known to save his family members with his Boy Scout training and overall preparedness. 

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Homeschooler Mama by day. Professional photographer, content creator, and marketing director of a homeschool quarterly by night. Jess is the one with the crazy ideas and is happy to hear William’s analytics about these plans before jumping head first into them! She’s also great to connecting with new people and loves to share all that she’s learned along this wild journey. 

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And Hooligans Three



Oldest of the Swenson siblings, he’s good at watching over his younger sibs. He also loves to get lost in a good fantasy novel, enjoys math, and is always up for a new adventure.


The silly goof ball that keeps us laughing in the unlikely moments. He loves Lord of The Rings, New Zealand, and Scotland.


Lover of pink, her stuffed animal collection and Paris, France! She also loves to go on family hikes, but would like everyone to know she’s too old for naps now.

Where we’ve been

Check out some of the awesome places we’ve visited – click on a country or region to learn more about our experience!

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What we’ve been up to

The Creative Traveler Photography Course

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Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand

This beautiful festival happens every year around November time in Chiang Mai. I knew I had to schedule our RTW itinerary to include it. I wanted to see the Tangled-like event in all it's glowing light glory! I would include the vast amount of research I did to...

Caravanning the Australian Coast

During our time in Australia, we rented a caravan/campervan to drive the eastern coast. We started in Cairns and made our way to Melbourne.   (That's about the equivalent to driving from Maine to Florida!) It's 1,833 miles of driving which is an extra 400 miles...

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