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The Creative Traveler Photography Course

It's LIVE! Join me as we dive in deep to learn what makes for compelling travel images, how to capture them through the chaos of travels, and what to do with the challenges you face!! Purchase the materials and access to the live platform HERE! 

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Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand

This beautiful festival happens every year around November time in Chiang Mai. I knew I had to schedule our RTW itinerary to include it. I wanted to see the Tangled-like event in all it's glowing light glory! I would include the vast amount of research I did to...

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Caravanning the Australian Coast

During our time in Australia, we rented a caravan/campervan to drive the eastern coast. We started in Cairns and made our way to Melbourne.   (That's about the equivalent to driving from Maine to Florida!) It's 1,833 miles of driving which is an extra 400 miles...

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For the Love of Brisbane

Collectively, we spent almost three weeks in Brisbane and we fell in love with this family-friendly city. Granted some of that was over Christmas, which is full of summer life (remember oppposite seasons in the Southern Hemisphere), but overall there was so much to do...

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Why We Loved Finland

It's true. Finland exceeded all of my wildest dreams and expections. When we were confirmed for the housesit (that replaced a canceled Scotland one) I was just so excited that we got an entire month in one location. A location that was super cheap to fly to and from...

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