During our time in Australia, we rented a caravan/campervan to drive the eastern coast. We started in Cairns and made our way to Melbourne. 


(That’s about the equivalent to driving from Maine to Florida!) It’s 1,833 miles of driving which is an extra 400 miles from Portland, Maine to Orlando, Florida.

So basically, Australia is HUGE and take a long time to drive between major cities!!

And it was beautiful!! The really cool thing about Australia via caravan is we didn’t have a problem finding places to sleep for free. There are plenty of rest stops there that allow for 1-2 overnights

 Actually falling asleep at the wheel is a major problem there because of how big the distances are from place to place. They encourage drivers to stop and rest if they need it.

Here are some favorite tips we learned along the way:

1) Look into relocation companies to get rentals at a discounted price!! We did this a few times in Australia and they reimbursed us for gas and gave us a killer deal for moving the campervan to a new location. We used imoova.com

2) We also used the CamperMate app to locate free or inexpensive places to stop along the way. We discovered though that the rest stops were plenty and could rely on them for most of the journey which helped our budget a great deal.

3) Give yourself TIME. This is one thing we didn’t do and wish we did. There were so many stops we wished we could have stayed longer to explore, but really just used for an overnight sleep. We didn’t really dig in deep into some of the wonderful places along the coast. We definitely feel like we did a redo. 😉

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