This beautiful festival happens every year around November time in Chiang Mai.

I knew I had to schedule our RTW itinerary to include it. I wanted to see the Tangled-like event in all it’s glowing light glory!

I would include the vast amount of research I did to participate in the bigger event put on by the university students, but I’ve since found out that they changed it in 2018 so I’m afraid that my knowledge from 2017 may already be outdated.

Just know that it’s super important to purchase tickets for the bigger event. It typically includes transportation, dinner, and the event. The festival itself happens like Christmas, everyone has an opportunity to light lanterns in smaller groups around Chiang Mai at any time during those weeks surrounding the Lantern Festival. But I wanted the big event for the most effect with thousand of lanterns going up in the sky. I believe our event had around 4,000.

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